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High-Quality Loose Stones
For 17 years, we have been experts in our field, offering only the highest quality gemstones on the market. Whether the stones are mined in Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Colombia or any other part of the world, our experienced gemologist experts frequently pick them up directly from their source. They also ensure that each stone is of high quality and can be used in fine jewelry.
From rough to cut and polished calibrated gems
Calibrated stones are a must for producers of jewelry to create pieces that are standardized in color and quality. Tolerances for size and hue are our main quality. We are consistent and efficient. We understand the market demands and store sufficiently rough/cut products to satisfy on-time demand.
The RJC certification is a seal of approval for companies engaged in the mining or trading of gold, silver, platinum, and gemstones. There are just a few companies that can claim to have obtained the RJC certification because of its stringent labelling requirements. As part of its standards, the RJC certification also includes various commitments to ethics and traceability in the gem industry, in addition to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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We have developed trusting relationships with hundreds of customers all over the world. At GemMatrix, we can help you buy high-quality gemstones in a convenient and professional manner, and we can answer any questions you have about one of your projects. Our top priority is your full satisfaction.
Established in 2004, GemMatrix began with the vision of sourcing and offering the most exquisite gems, appealing to both prospective customers and jewelry designers. Over the years, our passion for gemstones has only intensified, fostering a strong relationship with numerous satisfied customers worldwide. We've developed a skilled team of professional gemologists dedicated to procuring the finest colored gemstones.

Currently, our team exceeds 120 members across Bangkok and partner offices, and we operate two cutting and polishing factories in Thailand. This expansion not only signifies our expertise in the field but also allows us to maintain stringent quality control, ensuring that our customers receive only the highest quality gemstones.
When we founded GemMatrix in 2004, we wanted to collect the most exquisite gems on the market which would be of interest to prospective customers or aspiring designers of jewelry. Since then, GemMatrix has been working with numerous satisfied customers worldwide and our love for gemstones has never stopped growing. Over the years, we have developed a team of professional gemologists to help us find and buy the finest coloured gemstones on the planet.

Our team now consists of more than 120 people working in our Bangkok and partner offices. Not only have we assembled an expert team in our industry, but we also now have our own two cutting and polishing factories based in Thailand to supply stones with much better quality control. We are pleased to offer our customers only premium gemstones.
Each stone has a unique dream journey
Gemstones as a passion
In this video, Mr. Andrei Kornilov (CEO), Mr. Somchai Rukrung (Manager of one of our factories), and other gemologists describe what makes GemMatrix special to them and why their love of gemstones drives them to treasure each day at GemMatrix.
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