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Orange Sapphires
Although sapphire is most commonly associated with the color blue, it is also available in a range of other hues. And each of these hues is available in an infinite number of tones. Sapphire is a variety of corundum. Without further clarification, only blue corundum is referred to as "sapphire." The other hues are referred to as pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and so on.

Orange sapphires in their natural state have become scarce. If you are offered orange sapphires, it is essential to have a recognized certificate. Indeed, the vast majority of stones on the market are treated. Typically, we discover orange stones that are more yellow than orange in their original state. Although stones of brilliant hue occasionally emerge from the earth, they remain extremely rare.

The brilliant hue of this gem is due to trace elements like as chromium and iron.
Heated Orange Sapphire 4.03 cts

Certified: ICA
Color: Orange
Dimensions (mm): 8.8x8.6x5.6
Origin: Sri Lanka
Shape & Cut: Asher
Single/pair: Single
Stone type: Sapphire
Treatment: Heat
Weight (cts): 4.03

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Why You Should Pick A Yellow Sapphire For Your Engagement Ring?
Yellow emerges from the shadows to invade the windows of the most prestigious jewelry stores, because it reflects the color of the sun, of celebration, and of joy; it is simultaneously warm and invigorating, a color that shines and illuminates our lives. What better symbol for your engagement ring's stone, the jewel that will accompany you through all of your life's circumstances!

Which stone to choose for your engagement ring then?

The yellow diamond is very dull and pricey. Citrine is far too fragile and overused for an engagement ring. Yellow beryl or heliodor features a yellow sulfur flower color with a tint of green, but proceed cautiously when setting this stone on an engagement ring.

If you want a yellow stone for your engagement ring, choose a yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire is a more durable gemstone than a diamond in some ways (yes! Because there is no cleavage); on the other hand, the yellow sapphire family excels in the art of blending contrasts by giving the full spectrum of yellow hues. From orange-yellow, which is very close to the colour of gold, to straw yellow, which is close to lemon yellow.
Unheated Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire 9.20 cts

Certified: ICA
Color: Yellow
Dimensions (mm): 11.85x9.84x8.28
Origin: Sri Lanka
Shape & Cut: Cushion
Treatment: Unheated
Single/pair: Single
Weight (cts): 9.20

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