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Australian's Sapphire Production
Australia's sapphire production has been considerably lower than that of other countries for decades. The few remaining Australian mines generate decent quantities, but fewer than those of Madagascar, which, until a decade ago, supplied the majority of the world's sapphire. Since the latter's mines have now been depleted, customers have moved to similar-quality alternatives. Since 2011, the sapphire market in Sri Lanka, for example, has increased by 20 to 30 percent annually due to scarcity and rising costs.

Australian sapphires, which are far less similar in color to Sri Lankan sapphires, have proven a good alternative for many jewelry manufacturers.

Buyers concerned with promoting a sustainable industry are reassured by the Australian mining operations that are more regulated, generally ethical, and linked to sustainable development.
Our Insights As Australian Sapphire Mass Producers
GemMatrix has observed a 10 to 15% growth in annual sales of Australian sapphires. This new customer segment tends to value sapphires with a strong dark blue color. In a few years, the sales of our teal sapphires have doubled, and the percentage of parti sapphires has also increased significantly.

It must be said that these sapphires are incredibly gorgeous and distinctive in color, which, when combined with their perfect ethics and great traceability, makes them an excellent gem for jewelers.
In 1851, sapphires were initially extracted in New South Wales on the Cudgegong and Macquarie rivers by gold miners. The commercial mining of sapphire in the New South Wales region of New England did not begin until 1919.
By Benjamin Poudevigne, Marketing Manager @GemMatrix
June 10, 2022
The Characteristics of Australian Sapphires
While most sapphires in the world exist in a variety of blue hues, Australian sapphires have a distinct color that ranges from greenish-blue to blue to purplish-blue. The vast majority of these stones are dichroic and typically exhibit a color ranging from strongly saturated blue to greenish blue.

GemMatrix has been working with a family-owned mine in Inverell, Australia for many years. This mine produces sapphires with an iron-rich magmatic origin. This mine is famous for producing stunning parti and teal sapphires, which, as we highlighted in our last post, have gained tremendous value in recent years.

The Australian sapphires feature very similar chemical and spectroscopic characteristics as Thai sapphires.
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Do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions about our stones! Our contact information is available at the bottom of this page.

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