Cedarwood Oil As The Best Enhancement Treatment?⁠

A lot of you asked us questions about how to oil emeralds after watching our video with Justin K.Prim on YouTube. The most frequent question was: "can I use cedarwood oil for the treatment of my emeralds?".⁠

Check out our YouTube video at the end of this article for more information (details step by step how to oil your emeralds).

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Can I Use Cedarwood Oil For The Treatment Of My Emeralds?

Well, the answer is "yes and no". Let us explain to you how it works! Used quite often for emerald enhancements, cedarwood oil discharges very quickly. Be careful though, as when exposed to ultraviolet light, this oil emits oxygen as a by-product and can darken the stone with stains. In most cases, cedarwood can be a good way to help you with fracture-filling in emerald, because it is colourless and has a refractive index close to emerald. Remember that every couple of years, you'll need to reuse this stone treatment as the oil will wear off after a while.⁠

You also have to keep in mind that not all cedarwood oil is going to do the job! Be sure you use high-viscosity (scientific grade) cedarwood oil for emerald enhancement, not cedarwood oil used for perfumes, massages or wood care. ⁠
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Need More Help?
In this video, Justin K prim sit down with Nikita Sachkov from GemMatrix to talk about how he oils emeralds for the stones that GemMatrix sells. They will detail every step of the oiling process as well as before and after photos and videos.

If you still have more questions, please do not hesitate to send us a private message!

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