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Nigerian Sapphires
What Are Nigerian Sapphires?
It was not until 2014 when deposits suitable for jewelry production were discovered. Surprisingly, traders discovered that the resources on the Mabila plateau, in the country's east, produce sapphires of high grade. They are often a very deep blue and beautifully pure, similar to their Thai cousins. Their blue, on the other hand, is more defined and does not blend into the ink blue.

When this is the case, they trade at prices comparable to those of Ceylon or Madagascar sapphires. Due to the fact that these reserves have only recently been exploited, it is impossible to forecast future production. However, it is anticipated that more stones from Nigeria will enter the market in the coming years.
As with previously known Nigerian sapphires, these sapphires were extracted from secondary basalt deposits. Nonetheless, the quality is much superior to anything previously seen from such sources. From a cutter's perspective, first signs indicate that this new deposit may offer a winning combination of size, excellent clarity, beautiful color, and good crystal habit.

How To Pick The Right Sapphire?
While this is true for all gemstones and hues, it is important to remember the critical role of the cut in bringing out the color: choose stones that are appropriately proportioned, with liveliness and clarity. Avoid visible faults such as breaks, significant asymmetries, scratches, dull/unpolished or poorly polished facets, and so on.

Avoid "windows" that create a color void. Frequently, the misaligned facets of the breech are excessively large and rounded (flat breech effect). These no longer perform their function of refracting light within the stone in such a way that it emerges from the top, allowing you to see "though" it.
Heated Blue Sapphire Sri Lanka 5.60 cts

Certified: GRS
Color: Royal Blue
Dimensions (mm): 9.56x9.49x7.46
Origin: Sri Lanka
Shape & Cut: Round
Single/pair: Single
Stone type: Sapphire
Treatment: Heat
Weight (cts): 5.60

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How To Wear A Sapphire?
Sapphire's precious and dark tone makes it compatible with all materials. You may combine blue sapphire with lighter tones to give your physique more presence. To create a fashionable look, go tone on tone with a denim outfit. Yellow sapphire is more unique than blue sapphire, but its specific hue captures the light nicely. A stone that will dazzle you when held in your hands. An eternity bracelet's pink sapphire adds a touch of femininity to your wrist. Its delicate hue complements all jewelry and ensembles.
New Trends
Teal And Parti Sapphire As A Gemstone Ring?
According to a 2020 market study conducted by Navneet Gems and Minerals, 90 percent of women under the age of 35 seek an engagement ring that is unique. 35% of individuals who prefer a sapphire as their center stone consider teal sapphire to be an outstanding option!

Blue sapphires provide an enticing magnetic quality that makes them ideal for spectacular jewelry such as engagement rings. They combine blue's relaxing depth with green's rejuvenating vigor. Additionally, these lovely gemstones can indicate open lines of communication and mental clarity. All of these connotations can contribute to these jewels being an evocative representation of a connection between two souls.

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