The Beauty of Tanzanite

How did Tanzanite form? What Makes Tanzanite So Unique? What colors should you wear with a tanzanite ring? You'll find the answers in this brief blog post! Let us know what you think!

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How Did Tanzanite Form?
The tectonic shifts that built Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley 585 million years ago laid the groundwork for the production of tanzanite in this world.

The collision of the tectonic plates triggered the change of their diverse minerals under tremendous heat and pressure, resulting in elongated pods which are the sediments that now contain the unique Tanzanite.

The genesis of this unique source of crystal formations that form the Tanzanite gemstone is explained by the natural process of heating and compressing certain distinct minerals.

It should be noted that there is currently no synthetic tanzanite on the market.
Tanzanite 9.85 ctf
What Makes Tanzanite So Special?
Its cut requires exceptional attention because its cleavage (the capacity of a mineral to fracture along a flat surface, conditioned by the crystalline structure) is flawless but only in one direction. Furthermore, due to its trichroism, the prevailing color is determined by the position of the table, the flat region of the gem. This is why is it important to choose which colors will be mainly showcased: blue, purple or a bit of both.

Tanzanite is often very pure with no visible inclusions even under a microscope. Undertones ranging from ultramarine to sapphire tons are among the most popular. The smaller the jewels, the more lavender tones they have.

Is there any gemcutter here who has tried cutting a tanzanite? Please share your experience with us!
Details of this stone:

Shape & Cut:
Pigeon Blood
Weight (cts):
8x6x3 mm
Which Colors Should Be Paired With A Tanzanite Ring?
The tanzanite ring is one of the most valuable and sought-after pieces of jewelry. Most likely because its color is very intimidating, if not captivating. A beautiful blue with varying shades of light blue crystal and purplish reflections. We may also discuss its scarcity on the market, as some experts refer to it as a generational stone.

The tanzanite ring deserves to be associated with a metal that highlights it and lets it exhibit all of its beauty, with its powerful and deep blue. This is why yellow gold matches the stone's blues reflections very well. The tanzanite jewelry also looks great with lighter metals like silver, white gold, platinum or even pink gold.
Tanzanite 17.76 cts

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