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How Does It work?
You're probably living in a cave if you missed the AI train since everybody's talking about it. While some are skeptical that this is a new revolution, others have recognized that ChatGPT has the potential to take your job in the long run. Alas, this is not always the case, and I feel the adage "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome" applies more than ever in our situation.

So, what's the big deal? Well, let me start at the very beginning.

ChatGPT, as a vast language model, was trained on massive amounts of text data using techniques based on deep learning. This training enabled it to respond to a wide range of inquiries and cues in a human-like manner. When a user enters a query or prompt, the system evaluates the input and generates a response based on pre-existing knowledge and patterns from its training data.

The responses are not scripted or pre-determined but instead generated on the fly based on the input received by the AI. It employs natural language processing, machine learning, and other approaches to create grammatically correct responses, intelligible and relevant to the input.

You'd tell me it's incredible and that anything about gemstones can be found online! It's not easy since its greatest strengths have also become its greatest flaws when it comes to gemstones.

MOST of the answers to ChatGPT's gemstone quizzes and other material are incorrect. They are occasionally unrelated and intermingled with the properties of other stones.
Seems Great on Paper, But...
Despite its excellent structure, ChatGPT is somewhat useless for gemstone information. Allow me to explain why.

People mistake ChatGPT for an intelligent AI that thinks for us. In fact, it is simply a sophisticated algorithm that selects the appropriate section of text in its answer as the one that makes the most sense compared to the enormous database on which it has been trained.

And now for the first problem: The internet (and most likely the database it's been trained on) contains practically no information about gemstones. Only a few well-known laboratories and newspapers share exciting news with the public, while the rest of the material is either fact that has been shared millions of times (such as ruby and red spinel) or misleading information.

As far as I know, this AI was trained using a database containing only these few elements.

Most true secrets are guarded by gemologists and are only shared from ear to ear. What you see online is a tiny part of the real gemstone world.

, GRS, and other companies give valuable information. Yet, if you want to access most of their information, you must pay a monthly membership fee, lowering actual knowledge about gemstones to the public.
Royal Blue Sapphire

Other AIs can also generate fake photos (like this one) of stones that are (sadly) spreading on the internet.

An astute gemologist will see defects in the sapphire and other "editing" mistakes that would lead you to believe an AI made the photo.
By Benjamin Poudevigne, Marketing Manager @GemMatrix
December 16th, 2022
Can you tell which sapphire(s) are AI generated?
So What's the Big Deal?
I want to underline this last point since incorrect information about gemstones is standard in ChatGPT. Suppose you ask the website a few questions about a specific gemstone property.

In that case, it will start mixing its properties with those of other stones, resulting in inaccurate information and statistics. You could also teach it what it should not include, but the results will always be the same. Because the gemstone universe grew different from the rest of the world's subjects while mainly remaining "old-fashioned", you won't obtain much information on specific questions using ChatGPT since it was never actually discussed online.
ChatGPT combines the properties of several different stones, erroneously assuming that one stone in a group has the same properties as others.
ChatGPT: The Best Employee?
You're a marketer in the gemstone sector, and you're concerned that this undisputed best program would drive you away from your current job? As I previously stated, I wouldn't be too concerned. After all, what's the point of copying inaccurate info from an AI if you have to constantly check to see if its saying is true or false? What's the use of spending hours fact-checking an AI's results on facts that can't be found anywhere - and are almost certainly fake?

Remember that ChatGPT is nothing more than an algorithm that does not think like us (and will probably never do). Consider it a massive opportunity to hone your marketing skills, asking broad questions such as "how can I scale my business? What should I do to sell more in this region of the world? What is the greatest marketing plan for gemstones right now?" And so forth.

You will still need to be a trained gemologist or a gemstone enthusiast to correct all of the AI's mistakes. And if you are patient enough to fix the AI for every fault it makes when generating new texts, you should rewrite everything from scratch and disregard this tool. It takes more time to run an algorithm that makes mistakes every 10s than it does to write an article like this one.

Finally, rather than complaining about the AI, learn how to master its tricks and become the guy who uses ChatGPT as an alternate resource for his job rather than giving it away too much. Don't follow this ChatGPT blindly. Instead, buy professional books from renowned gemologists and gem cutters. You will not wind up writing blogs and articles about absolutely illogical gems topics that are widespread on the internet these days.

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Benjamin Poudevigne
Social Media Manager at GemMatrix
With over ten years of marketing experience, I finally decided to settle down in Bangkok to work in an area that I have always been interested in: the gemstones industry. I'm still learning how the market works on a daily basis, and I enjoy sharing my experience with those who are interested in learning more about gems in general.