Yellow Sapphire And Jewelry


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Yellow Sapphire And Jewelry
Yellow sapphire is a unique choice that pairs well with yellow gold. It is highly valued for making pendants and earrings, just like other sapphire colors.

Yellow sapphire is a very rare gemstone, especially when it weighs more than one carat. Its value is also affected by the presence or absence of a treatment that involves heating the stone to bring out its natural color to the fullest.

Yellow sapphire is a very resistant stone, making it an ideal stone for the ring that will be with you for the rest of your life.
Unheated Sapphire Sri Lanka 9.20 cts from Sri Lanka
What Is The Best Way To Set A Yellow Sapphire
Yellow sapphire is a color that complements a wide range of other gemstones. It looks great with neutral tones like white, cream, brown, gray, and of course black, as well as cold colors like blue and purple, which will sublimate it.

Note that yellow sapphire is sensitive to warm colors such as red, pink, and even gold.
Unheated Yellow Sapphire 8.08 cts from Sri Lanka
Be Cautious Of Treated Sapphires!
Finding a deep-coloured yellow sapphire is difficult because most yellow sapphires are heat-treated.

Again, if the price appears to be too good to be true, we recommend that you request a gem lab report. A price can never be too perfect, particularly in the gem industry, because it always conceals something. If you are unfamiliar with the gemstone industry, please be aware of this.

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