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Red Spinel: The Ideal Gift
Christmas is rapidly approaching, and this week we want to highlight the beauty of red spinels. As white and red are the traditional Christmas colors, we figured we'd fit right in :D

Spinels are durable gems that are excellent for everyday wear in any style of jewelry and are popular with people who appreciate unique and attractive gemstones. Although spinels are a little obscure to the general public (unfortunately), they exhibit colors comparable to the finest rubies. While high-quality red spinels are not inexpensive, they reproduce the appearance of natural ruby at a fraction of its price. Get yours today!
1.43cts Red Spinel. For more information, click here

Why You Should Select A Durable Stone For Your Daily Wear Rings
Consider the following simple example. Dust rates 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Yes, dust! The stuff that floats in the air! It has the potential to scratch a variety of surfaces. In the event that you are a daily glasses wearer like me, you've undoubtedly run into this problem: after a few cleanings, your glasses will appear slightly hazy and you'll have to blame dust and other particles for it.

The same stands true for gemstones, as well. Attempting to clean a gemstone with no proper care will almost likely result in it being scratched by dust, among other things. As a result, be careful while selecting a gemstone engagement ring or any other ring design. Your best option is to choose a gemstone that is at least 7.5/10 in grade on the Mohs hardness scale, and ideally higher. The closer to 10/10 (diamonds) your gem is, the more durable it will be on your finger.
1.46cts Red Spinel. Fore more information, click here

Spinel is an excellent choice for an engagement ring due to its 8/10 Mohs hardness and a wide variety of hues. This gemstone is associated with strength and protection. It is a Type II gemstone, which means it frequently has inclusions but can also be eye-clean and loupe-clean. Spinels are a great choice for people who aren't sure which gemstone to choose for a ring for a loved one. A variety of colors are available, each with a unique meaning for the wearer.
2.48 cts Red Spinel. Fore more information, click here

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