Garnet: From Rough to Perfection

At GemMatrix, we're not only experts in our field, but mostly passionate about gemstones. This article is about how one of our gemologists turned some rough garnet into pure beauty in a designed piece of jewellery.

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How It All Started
At GemMatrix, we're not only experts in our field, but mostly passionate about gemstones. This ring symbolizes the patience and the emotion that we bring into our personal work. It was crafted for personal use only, so we had to make it really unique. In 2018, one of our gemmologists fell in love with a bunch of garnets in Hong Kong during a garnet parcel selection. She was studying gem cutting at the time and figured it would be interesting to pick a very particular rough stone and see it end up in a stunning piece of jewellery.

Rough Garnet to Cutting/Polishing
What Happened Next?
After carefully choosing the rough, she went back to Russia, where she began to practice faceting. The stone itself was very costly, so our gemmologist decided to take some extra care of it. There were some inclusions in the stone, so the cutting process was much more complicated. The greatest challenge was to carry out the color and the best possible #reflection and prevent cracks during the cutting process.
The finished stone was then attached to a stunning custom ring made by @ichien.jewellery. The jeweler was thrilled by the gemstone story and wanted to create a ring that would also symbolize the spirit around the whole project. The result is truly rewarding, and our gemmologist is very happy that she has taken the initiative to create something unique.
Polished and Cut Garnet in Fine Piece of Jewellery

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