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In this short article, you will learn more about the history of our company. Who are we? What happened to us since 2004? We will tell you everything here!

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A Company Founded By Gem Lovers
In the early 2000s, GemMatrix was founded in Moscow by a group of passionate gem lovers with the objective of covering the Russian market. The company expanded quickly as a result of our success in delivering consistent and precise orders to our first big clients in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. With this possibility, we started to supply large numbers of stones while also making enough revenue to expand our workforce. This aided us in expanding our purchasing network and understanding the quality desired in the global market.

We noticed that the markets in the United States and Hong Kong were relatively similar to what we were offering, so we decided to cover them while maintaining the same level of quality in our stones. Because of our consistent ability to supply accurate gemstones orders to our clients, our network increased even faster.

To keep up with our rapidly expanding company, we were continually on the lookout for the right employees. We needed to create a solution to handle all of the demands as the orders became increasingly specific from one client to another. We then recruited and trained gemologists to purchase the stones directly from their source. This is how we secured a strong commitment with stone suppliers from Brazil and Australia. As a result, we were able to manage any type of supply, adequate gemstones, and suitable quality with the guarantee of an authentic origin. Last but not least, our sapphires from Australia are fully traceable and have an outstanding track record of being environmentally responsible, since all mined areas are recovered and replanted with native flora to restore mined areas to their natural state.

This allowed us to acquire a distinct specialization in our field and bring clients who were looking for a certain quality of stones. We were then able to deliver enough orders to varied clients since we were backed up by a great production as well as significant stocks.
Our skilled gemologists constantly travel the world to meet the demands of our clients or simply to purchase the greatest quality available on the market in order to sell it in the future to private buyers or jewelry designers.
About us
Our Cutting and Polishing Factories
Between 2002 and 2014, we attempted multiple times to recruit different subcontractors to cut our stones in their facilities. Unfortunately, we were never able to create long-term connections with them because it was difficult to monitor high-quality standards from these locations that our clients were looking for. We then decided it was about time to create our own team in order to give our customers what they actually needed rather than what the subcontractors wanted. To this day, we are still grateful to have found the right people to work with us.

We attempted to develop our first cutting and polishing factory in 2007, but the financial crisis in 2009 wiped out all of our efforts. On top of this, we began to face external challenges since we were unable to fulfil our clients' orders at the time. Our expansion in Thailand in 2010 enabled us to assemble a completely new Thai team, along with qualified gemologists. Over the years, we built two cutting factories in Thailand, and we now have a very stable supply for our different clients all over the world.

We truly believe that without the right employees, our company would not have succeeded. Respect and an optimal work environment are embedded into our business culture. As we are now based in Thailand, we have always done our best to support our Thai employees by assisting them with accommodation, funerals, marriages, and festivals, and we have always tried to support them as much as we could because, aside from our customers, they are the most valuable part of our business.
With two cutting and polishing facilities in Thailand, we can now provide enough on-time orders to our diverse clients.

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Benjamin Poudevigne
Social Media Manager at GemMatrix
With over ten years of marketing experience, I finally decided to settle down in Bangkok to work in an area that I have always been interested in: the gemstones industry. I'm still learning how the market works on a daily basis, and I enjoy sharing my experience with those who are interested in learning more about gems in general.