Accepted emerald treatments and misleading dyes

Heat treatments are used on rubies, sapphires, and many other precious stones to improve their color and reduce the visibility of their inclusions. Emeralds, on the other hand, are distinctive in that they crack and shatter when heated to high temperatures.

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How Do We Oil Emeralds?
Because emeralds cannot resist high temperatures, they are generally treated with oil. Several oils can be utilized, however real cedar oil is traditionally used by jewelers. Natural cedarwood oil is suitable since it is colorless and has the same refractive index as emeralds.

The emerald is gently heated to open its pores before being soaked in oil and treated to low amounts of pressure during an oil treatment. The oil penetrates the gem, filling tiny cracks, sublimating the tint and helping to conceal inclusions.
The jewelry industry accepts oil and polymer resin treatments for emeralds as standard treatments, although the oil and resins used in these treatments should not be colored.
Are There New Treatments Nowadays?
In recent years, jewelers have begun to treat emeralds with polymer resins instead of oil. Polymer resins are more resistant to wear and more stable. They also could someday replace oil as the primary treatment for emeralds.

Every year, miners discover emeralds with color flaws as well as a lot of green beryl that isn't green enough to be classified as an emerald. These blemished emeralds and green beryls have minimal value in the jewelry market.

There are jewelers that treat these stones with oil or colored polymer resin. These treatments artificially enhance the hue of the stone to the point where it may be sold for a higher price and utilized in jewelry. It is critical to recognize that the hue of these colored stones does not match that of actual emeralds, and that the dye may fade over time.

However, rest assured that at GemMatrix, we do not sell dye-treated emeralds and encourage you to only purchase emeralds that have received normal oil-based treatments or transparent polymer resins. All of our emeralds come with a certificate from a reputable lab, so you can be confident that they are of the same quality as the ones shown online or on our website.
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