The Different Sapphire Cuts

Sapphire is known for its color zoning, which is the zoning of different colors in a stone. Which cuts can you give a sapphire?

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The Different Sapphire Cuts
Oval shapes with triangular and kite-shaped facets on the gem crown (upper part) and parallel rectangular facets on the gem pavilion (lower portion) are quite frequent for corundum of all colors. The shape and size of the finished stone are determined by the shape and size of a brilliant sapphire.

A hexagonal barrel or spindle-shaped pyramid is the most frequent crystalline form of unpolished sapphire. As a result, finished sapphires are frequently deep. Gem cutters work on different factors such as color zoning, pleochroism, and a stone's lightness or darkness to achieve the best overall color, maintain the ideal proportions, and retain as much weight as possible.
The most popular sapphire cuts are oval, round, and cushion. These are often used for many varieties of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and earrings.
What You Should Take Into Consideration When Cutting A Sapphire?
Sapphire is known for its color zoning, which is the zoning of different colors in a stone. Blue sapphire frequently has angular blue spots and a softer blue. To accommodate color zoning in some sapphires, cutters direct the concentrated color to a spot in the cut stone that provides the best visible color. The hue of Sri Lankan sapphires is frequently concentrated at the crystal's surface. If a cutter can position the breech in the concentrated color area, the stone will appear fully blue when turned face-up.

Pleochroism is the appearance of a distinct color in multiple crystal directions. Blue sapphires frequently have a color of blue-blue-purple and blue-purple. When setting the stone, it is recommended to orient the cut such that the violet blue color is visible.
Heated Sapphire Sri Lanka 10.95 cts

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