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Grey And Luxury: Does It Work Together?
While grey stone is not typically linked with luxury, the latest trends are, to say the least, in non-traditional colors. As a result, grey spinels have recently gained appeal at international jewelry exhibitions. At recent jewelry events such as Tucson, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we noted an increase in interest in these new stones. The following upcoming shows will reveal whether or not this stone is still trendy!

These dark-colored stones have gained popularity because of social media posts. Grey spinels are the best example of what new internet communication can achieve.
520 cts
The British Museum has a 520-carat spinel in the shape of a polished pebble from Burma (Myanmar) on display; it was seized by English troops during the sack of the Chinese Emperor's Summer Palace in September 1860.
By Benjamin Poudevigne, Marketing Manager @GemMatrix
August 22nd, 2022
Physical Properties
Spinels are a whole family of minerals that includes, in addition to the aluminomagnesian term, aluminoferrous terms (hercynite), aluminozinciferous terms (gahnite), aluminomanganous (galaxite), ferroferrous (magnetite), ferromagnesian, zinciferous, manganous, nickeliferous, chromoferrous (chromite), and chromomagnesians. However, only aluminomagnesium spinel is truly valuable in jewelry.

The spinel is cubic. The oxygen atoms form a compact cubic assembly; the aluminum atoms occupy half of the octahedral cavities and the magnesium atoms occupy the eighth tetrahedral site. This explains the gem's high density (ranging from 3.58 to 3.63), commonly observed in alluvium. It is scratch-resistant (H = 8) and has a high unique refractive index (1.715, sometimes rising to 1.735).

When chromium replaces aluminum in modest amounts, a popular red color results. Long UV rays generate red fluorescence, and the absorption spectrum of chromium is clearly visible. When iron is substituted for aluminum and magnesium, blue colors are generated; fluorescence is inhibited, and absorption spectra typical of ferrous and ferric ions are easily apparent. Other substitutions can occur, and these diverse substitutions change the look of the mineral, which has a wide range of hues.

The most common size of spinels is the step size; they are most commonly found in vintage jewelry.
Grey Color
Grey spinels are rarely pure grey. They typically have a lavender, pinkish, or purple accent color with a dark grey main tone. These reflections bring out the brilliance of a stone when it is put in jewelry.

Our spinels are not treated or heated in any way. As a result, the colors in each of our stones are entirely natural and reflect the stone's beauty as it left the mine.
Which Jewelry Style is Best For your Grey Spinel?
Spinel's grey color is associated with a cold color. As a result, silver, white gold, and platinum are color palettes associated with this hue. To accentuate the color of a cushion-shaped spinel, it can be surrounded by white diamonds. If your spinel has a deeper violet tone, you might sublimate it with black diamonds, amethyst, or lighter cold colors.

Although spinels are quite shock resistant, mounting them on rings that you will wear every day is not suggested due to the possibility of fracturing the stone (if deep inclusions are present) or seeing some cracks appear on its surface. Prefer bracelets, earrings, or a complete necklace set.
Nb: All of our spinels come from reliable suppliers with whom we have worked for years. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a stone, we will provide you with a certificate upon request.
Do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions about our stones! Our contact information is available at the bottom of this page.

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Benjamin Poudevigne
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