How Does the Sunlight Impact the Color of a Ruby?

Ruby gemstones are prized for their deep red hue, which reflects passion. This red color comes in a number of variations. Each ruby also has inclusions that make it meaningful.

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Ruby And The Sun's UV Rays
Many rubies can shine when exposed to sunlight. Strong beliefs in many societies thought it was due to their magical powers. We would have loved this answer to be true but they actually glow because of ultraviolet rays. The sun's UV rays make the chromium shine within the gem. Certain rubies, particularly those found in marble (from places like Burma or Vietnam), exhibit a strong red fluorescence in daylight, intensifying the color of the stone and giving it the appearance of glowing red.

Let's have a look at what makes this particular aspect of the ruby so gorgeous.

The intensity of ruby's red is determined by the amount of chromium present: indeed, the more chromium, the greater the red color is. Chromium can also induce fluorescence, which amplifies the red color.
So How Does It Work?
To understand why we have to look into the internal composition of a ruby. When electrons are excited by a source of radiation, they jump to a higher degree of energy around the nucleus of the atom. The excited electron stays in this excited state for a brief period before it slips back to its initial state. When the electron returns to its ground state, it releases energy either as heat or as visible light.
Heated Ruby Mozambique Pair 5.07+5.06

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Pigeon Blood

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