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Parti Sapphire And Teal Sapphire
In contrast to color change sapphires, parti sapphires do not change color when exposed to different types of light. They actually exhibit a variety of colors in various regions of the stone, depending on the amount of light. As corundum crystallizes deep within the earth, distinct trace minerals infiltrate the crystal structure in distinct zones.

These trace minerals produce areas of varying hues, most notably green, blue, and/or yellow. The majority of parti sapphires exhibit two colors. Nevertheless, some of these unique sapphires exhibit three distinct color zones.
A Parti Sapphire is a tenacious stone. It has a hardness rating of 9 on the MOH scale (MOH is a hardness meter), placing it second only to diamonds. Due to its strength and durability, it is an ideal material for an engagement ring. These gemstones combine strength and beauty, making them an ideal choice for any bride, but especially for those who enjoy outdoor sports or gardening. When determining the price of a Parti Sapphire, similar to diamonds, the size, shape, cut, color, and quality all play a significant role.

In some countries, such as Australia, teal and party color sapphires have recently emerged as a new color trend. These two distinct colors are far more easily obtained through heat treatment than blue sapphires. On the one hand, a heat treatment can take several weeks to achieve the desired blue color. Party color sapphire, on the other hand, requires a week of heat treatment to achieve it. This can be very advantageous since we can use the same rough material to create blue and teal sapphires.

These one-of-a-kind sapphires with a variety of colors have a strong potential to be used as very unusual stones for custom designed jewelry.

Because of the unusual color zones of parti sapphires, gem cutters typically cut them to enhance the color rather than to conserve carat weight. This can result in unusual cuts that deviate slightly from the more typical sapphire cuts. Due to the rarity of inclusion-free parti stones, clarity does not play as significant a role in determining value as it does for a diamond, for example.
1.92 Spinel from Sri Lanka + Parti Sapphire (Australia)

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