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In 2016, astronomers at University of Warwick in Coventry, England, discovered something fascinating about the giant exoplanet HAT-P-7b.

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An Exoplanet Full Of Rubies And Sapphires
The exoplanet HAT-P-7b is 40% heavier than Jupiter and is located 1,040 light-years away. Their first report mentions their examination of this gas giant, and the conclusions are very exciting for us, gemologists!

The clouds of the planet may be composed of vaporized corundum. It would potentially make any colourful clouds being blown around HAT-P-7b. Winds on this planet change drastically, leading to large cloud formations piling up and then dying down simultaneously. It is the first weather observation on a gas giant planet outside our solar system. Imagine being surrounded by a storm full of flying sapphires and rubies…

Details of this stone:

Shape & Cut:
Pigeon Blood
Weight (cts):
8x6x3 mm
Why Such Stones?
Unlike our world, HD219134 b and other planets of its type appear to orbit their star closer to it. As a result, their structures vary from those in our world. Instead of an iron core like Earth, these exoplanets have calcium and aluminum cores. Study concludes that a gemstone planet like HD219134 b may be coated in rubies and sapphires due to an abundance of calcium and aluminum.

Both stones are composed predominantly of the mineral corundum. That would explain the presence of such stones on this planet! Scientists also discovered that HD219134 b is also rich in silicon and magnesium during their simulations. This leads to a slew of other myths on which stones can be found on Earth.
Heated Ruby 1.93 cts

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