Spinel COlors: rarity

Spinels are very similar to the other stones. Some are more valuable and rare than others. So, what is it about spinels that makes them so appealing to gemologists and investors?

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Spinel Rarity
In general, jewellers and gemologists choose red spinel as the most desirable colour since some of them can rival fine ruby, but the best blue spinel remains "cobalt blue".

Details of this stone:

Shape & Cut:
Stone type: Spinel
Weight (cts): 8.70
Color: Greyish-blue
Treatment: None
Origin: Sri Lanka
Certified: None
Single/pair: Single
What Are The Most Valuable Spinels?
Most stones have poor saturation, and their blue hues appear greyish. The finest and most valuable blue spinel colours can counter blue sapphire ones, with deep violet-blue to pure blue colours that are neither too dark nor too bright.
Note that spinels usually come in the same alluvial as corundum (ruby and sapphire).
Jay Cobalt Spinel 8.70 cts

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