Teal and parti sapphires: The New trending gems?


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Teal and parti sapphires have recently become increasingly popular among jewelers and gem enthusiasts due to their scarcity and unique corundum variety, which combines two magnificent colors: some blue lagoon and ocean color with a vibrant green! Many experts believe this new gem has the potential to alter the gemstone industry by providing a multi-colored gem that is both unique and appealing.

As we import and cut a large quantity of Australian rough material, we have seen an increase in demand for teal and parti sapphires. Since these new gemstones have only recently hit the worldwide market, public awareness of this new gemstone is very fragmented.
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The provenance and ethical source of these gemstones may also draw attention to them. In today's gem industry, traceability and ethics are two of the most crucial factors. Because most of them are mined in Australia, every stage of the process should be traceable with continuous information throughout the process. The country's rare and ethical gemstone mines also produce some of the world's most beautiful blue-green sapphires.

Because of its relatively new emergence on the gems market, teal sapphires have not experienced a major price increase as a result of its quiet global marketing awareness. As a result, they are way less expensive than blue sapphires with cornflower or royal blue colors. Finally, teal sapphires are notable for their absence of treatment - at least in the majority of cases. If they do need to be heated, the process is shorter than that of any blue sapphire heating treatment.

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