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We did it! We finally cut and facetted these sapphires from Madagascar. Our next posts will show you some of these new stones available at GemMatrix. A few months ago, one of our gemologists travelled to Madagascar to acquire some exquisite raw material. He returned with a few pieces after a long selection of rough stones that we were eager to cut.

However, with the pandemic hampering our efforts, we decided to wait a little longer in order to produce a documentary retracing the journey of these stunning sapphires.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has been more persistent than ever, and as a result, we chose to cut these lovely rough pieces into gorgeous pink and purple sapphires. All our sapphires from Madagascar are unheated.

We leave the results up to you to decide!
For more information about these sapphires, please contact us here.

Sapphire From Madagascar
Although their presence has been mentioned in a variety of publications dating all the way back to the 17th century, Madagascar's massive sapphire reserves were discovered only recently.

This is because of a period of severe drought in 1991 that deposits were discovered in the southern part of the island. The most significant deposits are located in the Ilakaka region on the island's south-west.
For more information about these sapphires, please contact us here.

Although the exploitation is highly artisanal, the scale at which it is carried out is astonishing. The miners create extremely large holes adjacent to one another that are several tens of meters deep. Once finished, they gather the gemmiferous pebbles, which is then meticulously sorted.

Madagascar's pink sapphires are simply spectacular. Since their introduction to the market, their bright color has drawn buyers from all around the world. Madagascar has surpassed India as the world's largest producer of pink sapphires.
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How To Enhance Your Pink Sapphire
It is important to select a setting that complements a pink sapphire. Pink sapphires can be set in a variety of materials, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Each of these pairs nicely with a pink sapphire, yet each has its own distinct characteristics:

- To make the gemstone's color really stand out and sparkle, use white gold or platinum, which both enhance the brilliant hue of pink sapphire.

- Yellow and rose gold can soften the contrast between the setting and the stone, giving the ring a more peaceful appearance.

- Adding diamonds to a pink sapphire makes it even more beautiful. Because pink sapphires are significantly less expensive than diamonds of the same size, a halo setting is a more affordable option.

A pink sapphire solitaire can look amazing if you're looking for something simple, gorgeous, and timeless. The ring's simplicity allows the hot pink gemstone to shine through.

As previously said, color plays a significant role in the beauty of a pink sapphire. As a result, it is quite beneficial to purchase from a provider who provides high-resolution, high-quality photographs of their pink sapphires.

Finally, choose a pink sapphire and a frame that complement both your and your partner's personalities. From shape to carat weight and setting, the greatest engagement ring is always the one that complements your shared tastes.
How To Choose A Pink Sapphire
Pink sapphires are available in a range of colors, from delicate pink to vibrant magenta. Pink sapphires are quite desirable because they have pink color with purple reflections.

While diamonds have a sophisticated and established color classification system, sapphires do not. Due to this lack of uniformity, comparing two pink sapphires becomes very challenging. Instead of that, it's best to use your own judgment to determine which pink sapphire is the most brilliant and attractive, regardless of whether it's a lighter pink or a darker gemstone. However, the more saturated the sapphire's color, the greater the price.

It is essential to understand that many pink sapphires are heated to lessen their purple tones. Pink sapphires that are completely natural and untreated are extremely rare.

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