How To Wear A Yellow Sapphire?

Some yellow sapphires are exceptionally clear, while others have a bright yellow to orange tint. How should you wear these lovely stones?

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How To Wear A Yellow Sapphire?
We recommend that you select your yellow sapphire jewelry in unusual design creation. Yellow sapphire has a strong structure that allows the creation of original designs. Some of the yellow sapphires can also display a dichroic effect, which means that the colour of the gemstone changes depending on the view angle.

A round or oval shape will elevate your stone, but focusing on a facet cut will be necessary to expose your gem's full potential. When it comes to yellow sapphire rings, you can choose between a wide pave, a solitaire, or a setting in little diamonds, all of which are excellent choices. Finally, yellow, pink, and white gold look great with yellow sapphire, so you can consider all of them. Last but not least, yellow sapphire can be a good alternative to yellow diamond due to its hardness and bright yellow color, and it is also far cheaper for a stone with a strong hue.
Details of this stone:

Sri Lanka
Shape & Cut:
Weight (cts):
11.85 x 9.84 x 8.28
Unheated Yellow Sapphire Sri Lanka - 9.20cts

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