Which Precious Metal Pairs Well With Ruby?

Purchasing an engagement ring set with a ruby is a wise choice. But which stone should you choose for your loved one?

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An Exoplanet Full Of Rubies And Sapphires
Purchasing an engagement ring set with a ruby is a wise choice. Not only do you get a ring in the hue of love, but the ruby's reasonable price also provides for an affordable piece of jewelry. Rubies are less expensive than diamonds in general, and certainly less expensive than red diamonds.

As an engagement ring, a diamond ring set with a brilliant ruby is ideal. White or colorless diamonds will draw even more attention and brightness to your ruby. With a white gold or platinum binding, you will display a stunning brilliance. A yellow gold ring will give the piece a more classic appearance. The combination of sapphire and ruby on a ring is one of our favorites. These two stones can be crossed over each other to symbolize a powerful union in a marriage. The colors must be vibrant enough to produce a great symbiotic connection between the two separate stones.
Before purchasing an engagement ring, necklace, or other ruby-set jewelry, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of expert gemologists. They will provide you all of the information you need to make the right decision and will help you find the perfect gem(s) for your jewelry piece.
How To Create A Vintage Look?
You can even create a vintage or antique look depending on your customization ideas. Take, for example, Queen Mathilde's engagement ring. The yellow gold ring gifted to Queen Mathilde by King Philippe on their engagement is adorned with a large oval ruby, giving it a simple yet antique and elegant appearance.
Heated Mozambique Ruby 4.02 cts + Calibrated Rubies

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