How Should You Chose An Emerald?

Should you want a blueish-colored emerald? What about its inclusions, and which treatment should you ask before purchasing it?

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What You Must Be Aware Of.
The more vibrant an emerald's colour, the more valuable it is. The size's quality is also extremely important. An emerald can be cut into the shape of an "emerald," a pear, a cabochon, or a cushion. The larger the table, the brighter the stone. The angle of the facets determines the gem's light reflection and apparent hue. The inclusions known as "givres," which are typical inside this stone, form the "jardin" ("garden" in English) and do not detract from its quality as long as they are not too numerous: on the contrary, they are a guarantee of authenticity.
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Which Fine Oil Is Legal?
As a consequence, unlike diamonds, emeralds do not have purity indexes. In contrast to colored resin injection, which denatures the stone, impregnation in fine oils is a legal technique that is often used to intensify the color or mask a portion of the inclusions. (For more information on cedarwood oil, please see our article

If you want an emerald from Colombia's Muzo mine, you must request a certificate: this mine only produces about 50 jewelry emeralds per week. These are extremely pure and in high demand.

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