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A Good Recut Can Double The Price Of Your Stones
Precious and semi-precious stones are used to embellish your different jewelry (solitaire, engagement rings, wedding ring, pendant, signet ring, bracelets, adornment, necklaces, earrings, etc.). They are associated with gold (pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum) and create remarkable and undeniable beauty that attracts the eye from a distance.

The contexts below will explain when and why you should recut your stone.

- Your stone's surface has fine scratches, it has greyed out, and it has lost its luster.
- Your stone is old, and its size (shape) does not adequately highlight it. This is the situation with traditional shapes.
- Your stone has been poorly cut, has flaws, symmetry, proportion and/or polishing, or even a poor color distribution or a color that is too dark.
- Your stone has been altered as a result of a shock that fractured or perhaps broke it.
- Your stone does not completely fit the setting of a piece of jewelry on which you want to install it. This is true, for example, when the pavilion of the stone is too large, or when the stone is supposed to be mounted on a special mount with non-standard paving.
- You want to pair two stones to embellish a pair of earrings, but the two stones you have aren't alike (two natural stones cannot be strictly identical thanks to Mother Earth!).
The cutting of precious stones has become a specialty that our team is proud to have mastered over the years. We'll assist you in bringing a breathtaking shimmer to your gemstones. We will also assist you in correcting their odd shapes and structures with defects and imperfections.

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