Iolite's Formation and General Information.

Iolite is the word we use in gemology, but you may also know it under the name cordierite, which is more commonly used in mineralogy.

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What Is the Origin of the Name Iolite?
Cordierite is a magnesium iron cyclosilicate. It was found in 1813 in extracts from Níjar, Almería (Spain) and was named after the French geologist Louis Cordier. Another word for blue iolite is steinheilite, after Fabian Steinheil, Russian military governor of Finland, who noticed that it was a mineral other than quartz.

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How Does It Form?
Iolite is relatively common in hornfels formed by contact metamorphism of pelitic rocks. This last term was formerly used by geologists to describe clay-rich, fine-grained clastic sediment or sedimentary rock, such as mud or mudstone.
Calibrated Iolites

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