How To Sort Calibrated Stones?

Today, I was curious about how the sapphire sorting process works in our office.

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Calibrated Stones
How Do We Sort Calibrated Stones?
CM here! ✋ Today, I was curious about how the sapphire sorting process works in our office. I keep seeing hundreds and hundreds of emerald lots in front of my eyes every day, but I have no idea how they are sorted. So I asked some of our gemologists in our office, and one of them told me how he manages the entire process:

The first phase is preliminary sorting. He identifies each stone and sorts them between dark and light colors.

Then, from each produced category, he sorts them into low, medium, and dark quality.
The third and final stage is essential. It will all be determined by the guidelines given by the client. Depending on the clarity and the price given, each category will be divided into even smaller ones. This final step is necessary so that we can only submit the finest of the required stones to our client.

Our gemologists don't use any specific instruments for sorting; they only use their eyes. Years of experience and a thorough understanding of stones are needed for the sorting process, which is why they are so special to our company!

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